Something about Her

Mary Ann is my given name.
Travelling is my favorite game.
Music is my life line.
Aries is my zodiac sign.
Definitely, I'm not your ordinary kind of girl. 
Born under the fiery sign of Aries, I love crazy adventures and endless surprises! 
I always like trying out something new as routines and everyday stuffs easily bore the impatient me. 
Accepts challenges, doesn't easily give up, and always a go-getter. 
Once I'm determined to do something, nothing will stop me. (^_~)

 I really like travelling and this is what I do for a living (well not exactly...)! 
It is my dream to explore the world and discover anything and everything beautiful that the universe has to offer (okay, also the not-so-good...)
Fortunately, I am blessed with a profession that allows me to work, earn & travel...
All these at the same time. 
What more can I ask for, right?
I have a passion for music. 
I sing a lot (mostly at home), play the guitar and piano...
 and sometimes record songs 
(though I never released any of them publicly...maybe soon). 
Sometimes, I do dance too. 
These activities are my major stress busters. 
They help me express my thoughts and feelings when words are not enough.
I'm in love with love itself. Life would definitely be boring and ugly without it. 
My greatest dream would be to meet, love and marry the man that our good Lord 
had appointed for me. ♥
I'm into: Traveling|Photography|Music|Arts and Design
I like: Dresses|Dark Chocolates|Vintage Chic|Flowers|Blush Pinks|Whites|Turquoise
I am a: Technical Consultant in the Banking Industry | Music Lover | Seasoned blogger | Amateur Photographer | Bread Winner | Christ Believer 
Can be a Jet Setter but More often than not, just a Solo Traveler
In this blog, I will share my thoughts, passions and discoveries.
Welcome to my world... Yes it is a little crazy, but definitely lovely... ♥

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