Santorini, Greece

Autumn, October 2013 – As far as I remember, I was heartbroken back then.

And where do broken hearts go? Mine went to Santorini. 🙂

A broken heart will try to find solace in every possible way, and at that time, my preferred method was through travelling to somewhere serene, and beautiful…

Did I mention travelling alone? Yes, that’s right. I went on a solo trip to Santorini – a very romantic place, where couples go for honeymoon, and sometimes, for weddings. Haha!

It was my first time in Europe and since Greece was very close to Dubai, it was the best choice, geographically speaking. Plus, the Schengen visa processing was a bit faster (I think, if compared to applying via Italian or French VFS).

Greece was my point of entry for this 3-country European Trip:

Greece – Austria – Czech Republic



  • Watch the sunset at Oia Village
  • Eat authentic and delicious Greek food (oomaygash, the feta cheese and sausage…)
  • Drink local Santorini wine while couple watching 😀
  • Count the number of churches (and brides in wedding gown)
  • Walk a lot!
  • Climb lots of stairs
  • Get lost in the countless alleys
  • Talk to locals and play with cats 😀
  • Admire pretty doors leading to nowhere, colorful flowers and white houses
  • Try not to trespass someone else’s property 😀
  • Wait for the night lights! It gets really magical in the evening. 🙂

DSC_7043DSC_7129.JPGSantorini ChurchesSantorini Outdoor CouchSantorini Doors




Dubai to Athens (via Emirates)

Athens to Santorini (via Aegean Airlines)


Aspa Villas –

Aspa Villas.jpg

Needless to say, I found healing in this place. Santorini with its glorious charm, with all the beauty that she has, who could stay heart broken, right?

Maybe someday I will come back, but hopefully not as heartbroken as I was.

Maybe someday, with someone special to whom I can share these beautiful place and experience. 🙂









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