Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love. Saturday, I’m not.

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Remember your first crush? Think about that very first object of your affection. Oh, the sweaty palms. The swoony feeling in your stomach. Tell us the story of your first crush. What was it about this person that made your heart pound? Was the love requited? Change the names to protect the guilty or innocent if you must! No judgement here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SMITTEN.


(This is a late entry for yesterday’s daily prompt topic…

I initially thought of my first crush, but I decided to give it a pass, and thought of something similarly related…here it goes…)

That day is over, thank God!

Its not that I hate Valentines Day or that I am allergic to it.

I actually like this day – the day of love, the day when people do different and special gestures to show their love and affection for their significant others. That day when flowers are in bloom and are found almost everywhere…(oh how I love flowers too! I actually dream of having a flower garden someday…).

For others, this day is just like any other normal day…

And sometimes, I wanted to be one of those people who could treat V-day as a normal day. However, since I am a certified hopeless romantic and a dreamer of being in love and being loved, I just can’t…V-day is really special.

Yes, I’m single and is currently not in any romantic relationship with anyone. Of course I have my big family that I really really love and my crazy friends that are always there to make me smile. But a significant other is definitely another thing.

I always dream of meeting, marrying and being with the guy I love whole-heartedly. Perhaps, any girl’s greatest dream right?

Because of this crazy dream of mine, I used to rush things out. I used to complain why it is taking so long, to meet the right guy, The One. I fell for different guys a number of times, thinking that they were the one. I thought that “this is it, I’m in love!” only to get my heart broken afterwards. Of course I was hurt… well pretty bad…a heart break so painful that I thought I could not get over. Tears flow endlessly, sleepless nights, terrible eyebags. (And I apologise and thank my dearest friends for causing you troubles and for supporting me during these days!!!  ^_^  )

You will start to think, “What’s wrong with me?” Crazy thoughts will enter your mind. You will start to think that you are not beautiful, that you are not good enough. You will cry, and get depressed and will even start to hate yourself for all the wrong reasons. Yes, it happened to me, maybe not just once and the last one was the worst. I never learned my lessons or should I say, I was rejecting the lessons that God wanted me to learn. I remember a friend telling me:

“An experience will repeat itself unless you learn the lessons that it wanted to teach you…”

It took a horribly long time and years, before I finally got the lesson that He was teaching me. I am an intelligent girl, an honor student when I was still in school. But when it comes to love, I think I have failing grades…  ^^,

But negative thoughts aside…thanks and big credits to experience!

Thanks to the guys that made me cry, because now I am stronger.

I have now grown and matured emotionally. Slow learner, but yet, I learned my lessons!

Several years and a number of heartbreaks, before I finally realized…

That I should not really be looking!

He will be the one who will search and find me…

That I should not rush or force anything!

Because he will be the one who will force his way to me…

That I should always guard my heart, keep it from being broken!

A girl’s heart should be surrendered to Him, guarded by the Father…

Only when a guy worked and prayed for it, that he will get it…

That feelings are not always mutual because of a greater reason…

Because that person is not the one that God has appointed for you.

That there is nothing wrong with you or with the other person that does not love or like you back…

You are perfectly created. You are beautiful. You are His Princess.

No one can tell you your worth – Only Him, your Sole Creator, your Father, your King…

That you should take your time in experiencing what life has to offer with or without a significant other. God has blessed you so much. Don’t ignore all of these because you are so blinded with your own pain or with your own desires. Travel alone or with a group. See the world and discover His wonderful creations. Be independent. Earn your own money, and know how to pay your own bills. Dance in the rain. Laugh and sing your heart out.Smell the flowers, grow one if you like. Enjoy the beach, enjoy life.

Because building and keeping a relationship between two people, is another level, is another chapter.

It is a commitment between you and your other half. They say that it takes two whole people who will compliment each other to build a lasting relationship. One must not enter a relationship because he/she feels alone, is broken or is just a mess.

One should be whole, should be full of love, so much that you cannot contain it… so much that you have to give it away…overflowing that it has to be shared, to the right guy, to The One, your God’s Gift. Read between the lines: NOT JUST ANY OTHER GUY…

A number of stumbling and falling, of whining and crying, before I finally got the real meaning of the Bible verse – “Love is patient, love is kind.” Simple phrases but surely, they have a deeper and complex meaning. Lucky and definitely blessed are those people who have met their perfect match at an early stage of their life. Much much blessed if these couples are already married, and not just married, but are together for several years!

I know, someday, in God’s perfect time, reason and season, in His chosen place and moment – that my man will find me. For sure, he is still struggling with his own dreams and plans. He is still improving his self. Don’t worry. Take your time, coz I will also take mine.

At the right time, we will be together and we will continue our journey through life.

When you found me, don’t let me go.

For those still searching, keep on believing. As the Celine Dion song goes… “Don’t give up on your faith…Love comes to those who believe it…coz That’s The Way It Is!”

Lots of Love!

Mary Ann

Camera 360

Daily Prompt: It’s Friday, I’m in Love

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