My Special List

Today, oh I mean yesterday… 😀 because its exactly 3:07 AM while I am writing this sentence – I just got home from a mega BBQ party somewhere in Mirdif area here in Dubai.

Anyway, so just a few hours ago, I was with the company of married couples while drinking beer and eating deliciously hot pork bbqs straight from the grill! It was really really fun! With all the laughter and endless stories about work, life, food, etc…very inspiring. I learned a lot from these people. Their stories of experiences and maturities, practical tips, advises… everything. While listening to their shares of their own stories, it made me think and wonder what my married life would be:

“Will I be a good beautiful loving wife to my future husband?”

“A responsible and caring mother to my future children?”

Well,  these thoughts can’t be helped… ‘coz unfortunately, I was the only person that is of single status!!! (well, of course except for their cute little kids who were busy playing…)

I was sometimes placed in the hot seat, being asked if I have a boyfriend, my ideal man, the qualities that I like in a guy… they say I have very high standards…hmmm… which is true! very very true.

I know I am not that super pretty or super sexy or whatever, but I think I wanted my future husband or partner to be almost perfect. Idealistic? Perfectionist? Well yes… but I am aware, that all these qualities that I have in my mind will never be satisfied or met. No guy is perfect, and neither am I. Perhaps, I can’t be perfect for anyone. But I think it would be good to have your own ideals and standards. As my SFC HH Head says before, you must always have your ‘non-negotiables’… and just to list them down, here they are:

1. My man must be a Christian and a Roman Catholoc. A Christ believer. A man who fears the Lord as much as I do. I cannot imagine myself changing religion or the beliefs that I have and grown up with. If he loves me, he will and he has to also love my God.

2. He should be responsible. I would never want a man who is irresponsible in terms of everything – his self, his job, his finances, and his family.  He has to have a stable job and knows how to value it. Someone who loves his family – parents and siblings. A guy who does not value and love his own family, will never be a good family man.

3. This guy should have the self confidence but not to the point of being boastful. He should carry himself well.  I am a woman who rarely depends on anyone, who lives independently, so this guy should be able to keep up with me, someone who could defend me not entirely depend on me.

4. Sense of humor is of major importance. As they say, ‘You can never fall in love with someone whom you haven’t laugh with…” My special someone must know how to make me laugh and smile. Someone I could talk to about everything. Someone who is sensible in any given terms. Someone who have patience for me…

After writing these, a smile was painted on my face…even if I am very very sleep… 🙂

I was picturing my ideal man. He may not be that tall, not that dark, or not that handsome, but he would be a little perfect for me, as long as he meets my ‘non-negotiables’…

Oops! Just a few more little wishes… I hope that this guy…

♥ Can sing with me even if he doesn’t know how to sing…

♥ Can dance with me even if he doesn’t know how to dance…

♥ Knows how to drive (must have a driver’s license!)

♥ Loves to travel!!!! 🙂

Anyway, that’s it…. who’s the guy? I don’t know… have I met him? I’m not sure…

Time will tell… ♥

Good night my love…eheheh..

You inside my heart...


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