JLC and SG Love Team

Uh-oh! Warning – this post is all about showbizness and cheezyness! 🙂

Actually, I am not really into showbiz and also, I don’t think that I am a really big fan of any artists that we have in Pinas – though I do like Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis! That’s why today is quite a very weird day for me. I spent the entire day watching videos, reading tweets, browsing Facebook pages, etc, etc. about John Llloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. ♥

Photo (c) spellcoco

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I admire Sarah Geronimo.  At her very young age, she had already accomplished a lot, and is living her dream. For me, Sarah is like the Beyonce of the Philippines. She is a very talented singer and also a good dancer, which definitely makes her a total performer- what can’t she do right? I so love her in ASAP Sarah G Live – too bad I still don’t have TFC channel 😦

But despite of all the fame and success she is achieving, Sarah remains very down to earth and humble. She is also a loving daughter and a God fearing lady. Our Popstar Princess is really a beauty inside and out.

About, John Lloyd, I am really not his fan. I’ve watched their past two movies together – A Very Special Love and You Changed my Life. But these did not make me like him that much, especially for Sarah. Mommy Divine, is that you? Well, that was only true until two weeks ago…

After watching It Takes a Man and Woman last March 31, 2013, and seeing Laida and Miggy once again, I was converted and finally became a fan of both artists. The 3rd sequel of the movie made me believe that Sarah and John Lloyd are actually the perfect fit for each other. Together, they formed an amazing love team and brought to life a couple that is most admired by the Filipino audience.

Photo (c) cathsobrevega

Credits to

Because I am now a big fan of JLC and SG tandem, I actually did what a fan usually does – I spent the whole day searching the online community about them, how they started, the birth of their love team, issues, interviews, off cam moments and so many to mention. To name a few:

  • Followed their twitter accounts:

@JustSarahG – real and official twitter account of Sarah G

@JohnLloydCruzTM – fan twitter account of John Lloyd as his real twitter account @johnlloydcruz08 was already deleted. (If you know his new account, let me know please :))

@AshLloydBaldiks – official twitter account of their fan group AshLloyd

  • Watched a lot of their YouTube videos and below are some of my favorites:
    • Sarah and Lloydie’s Journey 
A perfect chemistry between a man and a woman on and off cam... 
    • The Buzz Interview wherein Lloydie answered ‘silence’ when asked if she ever fell in love with Sarah 
SARAH: brotherly love...
JOHN LLOYD: no, i said fall inlove...
I really believe that these two genuinely love each other. 
They are just controlling it as JLC is already committed. :(
  • Sarah and Lloydie’s Photoshoot for It Takes a Man and a Woman 
Isn’t it obvious? 
Its not just because of the shoot. 
They way he looks at her screams that Lloydie really loves Sarah…no words needed! :)
  • The uncut interview with Sarah and Lloydie on Showbiz Inside Report 

  •  And my favorite… 🙂 Kilig much! Lloydie guesting in Sarah G Live 

What more can I say? I am now a big fan of Sarah and Lloydie.  After watching all those YouTube videos, I personally believe that the genuine love they share on screen as Miggy and Laida, exudes up to the real John Lloyd and Sarah.

This note will be my reminder of today when I hoped that JLC and SG will end up with each other. They look good together, they have this special connection, and they are perfect for each other. As a fan, it feels great to see their sweetness and how they enjoy each other’s company on and off cam. They have the most beautiful platonic relationship in the entertainment industry. Lloydie promised to be always there for Sarah whenever she needs him.  Sarah said that he could love Lloydie unconditionally – with or without romance. ♥

They may not be in a relationship right now, but who knows what will happen in the future right? 🙂


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