A daughter to her Father

A daughter to her Father

I hate my eyes because it can not see clearly

Even the eye shadow does not fit perfectly

I hate my lips, they are not thin

What’s worse is that I have double chin

I hate my height, I feel very small

I have to wear heels to be a little tall

I don’t like my skin, for me its dark

I want to be whiter, like Sandara Park.

When I look in the mirror, I will cry coz I’m ugly

It’s not easy to have someone who will love me so dearly

“Why am I not beautiful?” oftentimes I question Him

And one day, He answered me in my lucid dreams:

“My princess, my child, please don’t be so harsh

Why can’t you see that you have beautiful eyes?

I have perfectly shaped them like a brownish almond

And don’t you know that it’s more precious than diamond?


Please stop crying, avoid self pity

You don’t need eyeshadow to make you feel pretty.

Don’t hate your lips, they will spread my words

They are far more expensive than silver or gold.


You may not be tall, but what is so wrong with that

Height will reach nothing if you have a small heart

White or black, don’t ever fret or weep,

Always remember that beauty should not be skin deep


Now face the mirror, and put on a sweet smile

Dress up with compassion and walk with love for a thousand miles

I have prepared your man – he is waiting for your hand

Both of you will be blessed, with a beautiful love that will never end.”


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