From Russia with Love… ♥

Shots from Nelai and Topher’s Wedding Day…

Time flies really really fast…
It seems like it was only yesterday when our batch entered Misys as CPG trainees. 
Now, my friend Marnelli or more commonly known as Nelai, had already graduated – from the single’s world. She just got married to Christopher, her best friend, her partner, the love of her life.
It was a beautiful and solemn Christian wedding held at The Glass Garden in Pasig City.

Lavender and silver gray was the color motif and the wedding was very Russian-inspired. Surely because, their love story sparkled in Russia four years ago. Who would have thought that two people working in the same company in Manila, who barely knows each other in their country, would cross path and meet each other’s heart, hundreds and thousands of miles away. You can really never tell when and where you’ll gonna fall in love and meet the right one… ♥ 

I have always been a fan of weddings and anything related to it – from arrangements of the little details to the actual big event, from pre-nup pictorials to onsite wedding photography, from the bridal walk to the exchange of vows… everything. This special moment was full of love and I looove it! If I’m not a technical consultant, I would probably be a designer, a wedding planner or a photographer. 🙂
The cute invitation, the cake with the Matryoshka dolls, the floral accents and vase on each table
Entourage from Misys CPG Batch 25: Donna, Jaypee and Val.
Really nice to see them all dressed up, minsan lang to mangyari haha
Beautiful people…. kau na! hehe…
and next in line to Nelai…soon to be bride… 🙂
Principal Sponsors: Gorgeous Donya Mommy Annie and Ms. Belen
Cutie little Carlo… super  kulit!
Carlo! What are you doing? Walk na.. Lagot ka kay Mommy Nads!.

The Groom – Christopher

The Bride – Marnelli


Nelai while walking down the aisle…she was nearly in tears…
This moment made me teary-eyed while taking pictures… ;(

I’m so happy for you Nelai… you already found the guy that our dear Lord prepared for you. Wishing you all  the best in your married life. I pray that the Lord will always bless you and Topher, that you will honor and love each other for the rest of your life.

Hala natulog na…Sinong antok?
My favorite number….will probably have mine on the 8th of  i-dunno-yet-month….

Okay that’s all friends!
Apologies if some pictures are blurred – my camera and I just met. I’m still trying to get to know him…

Looking forward to the next wedding event… Whose wedding will it be? 🙂



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