Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road.
I used to see this fantastic view from my room’s balcony in Gloria Hotel. Taken on a sunset, around 5:30PM. The not so busy wide road in Dubai. It looks like the Alabang Skyway, but a better version. 🙂
I was in Dubai last November 25 to December 30, 2011.
In the morning, eating breakfast while watching the sun’s rays touch the buildings, makes me feel blessed. Like I can see Him beaming to me and to the world, while saying “Good morning, my beautiful princess! Dress up, get ready, here’s a new day for more of life’s sweet adventure!”
Then during sunset, the slowly fading light of the sun triggers the transition of a bluish sky to an orangy pinkish purple shade, then finally to a charcoal gray night sky, with Mr. Moon and his dim light. This is His way of saying, “My daughter, you worked hard, you already enjoyed the day, time to rest… Have a good night…”
I miss this view…. can’t see it anymore from my new room… ;( 
Anyway, He might be thinking of other ways of greeting me in the morning and bidding me good night at the end of the day. Wonder what is it… 🙂

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