Pure Love – 49 Days

My first week in Dubai was really hectic. I was faced with a lot of work and barely had leisure time.
But despite of the busy schedule, I tried to really squeeze some time for watching this.
A Korean Drama series. 49 Days.
In Manila, ABS-CBN dubbed and televised this with a different title – Pure Love.
Ji Hyun – the beautiful and only daughter of a wealthy business man, was left in a coma after meeting a tragic car accident, a day before her wedding to Kang Min Ho. She was given a second to chance to regain her life but it came with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her within the 49-day period. In order to do this, she borrowed the body of Yi Kyung, a depressed woman who suffers from loss of her beloved boyfriend.
Ji Hyun thought that collecting three genuine tears from the people who love her was easy. But while she used the body of Yi Kyung, she was faced with the ugly truth and betrayal of her own bestfriend and boyfriend. Sad right? 😦

Anyway, ranking 2nd on my favorite Korean series list (it hasn’t replaced Love Story in Harvard on the #1 spot Ü), 49 Days made me cry, cry and cry…

Kidding! 🙂

I really did not cry much. There were also lots of funny and sweet moments, especially between Yi Kyung and Han Kang (the good looking Manager of Heaven restaurant where Yi Kyung worked). They look good together! I was really hoping that they would end up with each other, but it wasn’t like that.
Kissing scenes are very minimal or should I say there were no kissing scenes at all. But who says scenes can’t be sweet without a kiss? Oops! I can’t really remember if they kissed. I have to watch it again… haha!
The story is quite unique compared to other Korean series. A cute ghost love story.
Plus the fact that the casts are composed of beautiful, gorgeous and handsome Korean stars.
On a serious note, this series made me think of the people who genuinely loves me. If I am in Ji Hyun’s situation, will I be able to collect three tears? Or will I fail and just face death in the end?
I’m scared to know the answer. I’m afraid that nobody loves me unconditionally, genuinely.
I’m afraid that I have not lived a meaningful life and failed to show the people I love that I love and care for them. Afraid that I haven’t touched people’s lives. Afraid that I did not make a difference.
Sigh… this is the effect of living alone abroad + watching drama series.
Anyway, 49 Days is a must-see! Worth the hours. Enjoy watching! Annyeong! ♥

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