Hello Stranger!

Its a Saturday. 
I was suppose to go out with my high school friends but it did not push through.
So again, just like last night (Friday!) I decided to just stay home, open my laptop and catch a feel good movie…
This one is starting to climb up to my favorite list! ♥
I like it too much that I’m already writing something about it. 🙂 
Hello Stranger.
A romantic comedy Thai movie filmed in Seoul, Korea. 
Two strangers…
Two broken hearts…
One accidental meeting…
Countless crazy moments…
One trip…
One love story…
It was not my first time to watch this movie but it seemed, and I still feel like it is! 
I smiled (a lot..), laughed (as in laugh! they were just funny), and of course cried (my tears just can’t help it!).  

This one was my favorite part of the movie. I find it very sweet and romantic. ♥
The moment when Dang puts the bonnet on May and then, he kissed her. They are starting to fall for each other, but…

…this was also the very moment when things got complicated for both of them. 

Can I relate to that? Hmm… maybe. I’m not sure.

But I remember a lot of things while watching this. Some already happened, some I hope or dream to happen. 

“I’m sorry. I’m stupid. I’m a bastard. I’m an idiot. 
I told you I’m not sure. I really don’t know.
What does this feeling mean?
All I know, is that when I stay with you, I’m so happy.
Is this called love?”

For those who haven’t watched it yet, please do! 
You’ll gonna like it (if you’re a romantic-type of person! hehehe…)


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