Bringing back an old hobby…


credits to photo owner

I used to write a lot, way back in high school and college.
(I’m not sure if I’m a good writer though…)

I write when I’m in love, happy, sad, frustrated or even when I’m mad.
Usually, I keep a notebook with me and write all the things I think and feel. 
My entries, more often than not, are lengthy ones and if you will ask me how many notebooks I had since high school days…well, I don’t know. I could just say that there’s a lot.

These notebooks are like my daily journal – my life’s diary. It contains different stories, different characters. And whenever I browse through my old notes, I can’t help but smile and think, “Did I really write this? Did this really happened?”

Maybe, writing is one my outlets, and perhaps, one of the things that I love doing.
Through this, I am able to express all my thoughts and emotions. I feel relieved and de-stressed after writing.
Well, I should say that for once, a notebook was my so called best friend.

Today, I have found a notebook, which I guess, will never run out of pages for my writings.
I’m bringing back this old hobby of mine, and I’m really excited to share my life to you and to rest of the online community.

Welcome to my crazy world! 🙂


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